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10 Years Of Experience

With a combination of over 10 years of operation experience in singapore, we have built up a wealth of experience along with a solid base of satisfied customers. You can be sure all work carried out is done to the highest quality. At cityrenoz when we starts a project, we commit ourselves to complete it in the timeliest manner possible. We use the latest tools, techniques, and technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We are dedicated to each project we take on and maintain a high level of pride in the final product. That’s why we are always commit to the agreed time. So that we can always stick to deadlines, and carry out our work on lowest budget from start to finish with as little disruption as possible.


We pride ourselves on always arriving at a job on time and on schedule. We never leave a job half finished or drag our heels, a large percentage of our clients recommend us to others, due to our comphrensive supply chain management systems and the superior quality of our workmanship while still maintaining affordable custom build factory price furniture. And we respond very quickly to customer questions and concerns. We strive to make the renovation process as convenient and worry free for the customer as much as  possible. We have a flexible schedule and can tailor that schedule to meet each customer’ specific needs. 

Quality Of Work 

All work undertaken is performed to the highest level of craftsmanship, as you can see from the photos of our previous work. The materials we use are of the highest quality as we hand pick them using only the most reputable suppliers in singapore. These small touches mean a far superior finish that can stand the test of time. We have a deep appreciation for the finer details that why we always use the highest quality materials and offer the highest quality workmanship to make sure your finished product lasts a lifetime. We stay in constant contact with the customer throughout the entirety of the project to make sure you are completely satisfied upon completion.  


Whilst we never compromising quality or safety, we offer affordable custom build factory price furniture. All quotes for work are conducted with affordability in mind. strives to assure our customers receive real value for their dollar on their home improvements. Due to our lower overhead costs, we can price ourselves competitively lower than other similar companies. Our detailed estimates and contracts clearly outline the costs that are associated with the project. This ensures our clients that there won’t be any hidden costs and they know exactly what services they are receiving.  

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